Find Your Voice

  • Through self-discovery, figure out what is important to you
  • Create healthy habits and relationships
  • Create passion and purpose
  • Enjoy more peace of mind

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud. 

~Coco Chanel

Speak Your Truth

  • Does your heart say yes or or does it say no?
  • Learn how to speak from the heart
  • Learn how to tame your emotions for more effective conversations
  • Develop purposeful thoughts which lead to purposeful action
  • Gain focus and clarity

We can learn to work and speak when we are afraid the same way we learned to work and speak when we are tired. ~Audre Lorde

Step into Your Personal Power

Are your ready to say YES to you and the direction of your life by

  • Making healthy relationship choices
  • Saying what's important to you and how you really feel
  • Focusing on possibilities rather than impossibilities
  • Taking responsibility for your choices and life experiences
  • Overcome limiting beliefs
  • Honoring your thoughts and decisions

Finding and using your voice is an essential part of living the life you came her to live. ~Deborah King

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Basic Programs

Group Coaching - Grow into your greatness w/ a tribe of women on their own journey of LIFE. 

Private Sessions

  • One Session - Laser Focus on one goal or challenge
  • One month of intentional living

WE Talk Up

Women Empowered Talk Up 

Weekly group coaching for women open to shared experiences with other women on their own personal journey of growth and evolution. Monday evenings at 8pm 

Minimum 4 sessions (Group max: 10)

New groups starting soon


“Claudette opens every heart and mind sharing her positive energy and welcoming you to join into another fabulous day.  She listens empathetically and closely to whatever she is told.  And asked for help she will guide you very sensibly, respecting your own possibilities and abilities towards a new way to act.  I have experienced it.  Thank you so much!”  – MB

Premium Program

  • Three months of immersion in to you
  • Six months of immersion in to your goals
  • Twelve months of manifesting your dreams

***Packages include limited email access

VIP Experience - A full day of private coaching at Temple in the Woods 


At the conclusion of your session, you will be better equipped to:

  • Eliminate self doubt
  • Trust yourself and your feelings
  • Live each day peacefully
  • Wallow in the joy of the moment
  • Confidently Talk Up
  • Enjoy Delicious new life experiences

Your life was already amazing. If you experience something different, it's because you thought something different. 

~Coach Claudette


“I like to consider myself a very strong and independent woman, and can handle any problem that comes my way.  But something just wasn’t working out, I just couldn’t fix it and I felt I was losing control until…Claudette helped me to see the light that shines so bright on what was right that it made all that was wrong disappear!  Thanks Claudette, you saved my marriage, you saved me.”  -KA  

Say yes to you and yes to better conversation